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Facebook has recently been the target of Boycott by numerous corporations to pull out their advertisements on the platform. This movement that was initiated by “Stop Hate for Profit”, a coalition of groups including the NAACP, Color of Change, and Sleeping Giants, a non-profit organization, was soon followed by many American and foreign corporations to stop to boycott Facebook and showing for the first time corporation compassion against racism and social injustice. This movement cost Facebook $82.3 billion and its CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg $7.2 billion when the share of the social media stock fell 8.3% on one day on Friday June 26.

Despite more and more companies joined the initial Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream brand and Patagonia, such as Starbucks, Pepsi, Verizon, Coca Cola, Honda, Ford, Henkel, Microsoft, Adidas, Denny’s,… the share of the stock surprisingly rises today Monday June 29, and gains some of its lost value on past Friday. Mark Zucekrberg who has been called by Professor Scott Galloway of NYU, “the biggest oligarch in the history of mankind” who “is leveraging his proximity to power in corrupt ways just to increase his wealth” and his social media giant have blind eyes on all these protests and boycotts only because they rule by wealth. Now it’s time to show that any social media belongs to people as the names indicate and could not be used for profit only without any consideration of social justice and equality. In fact social media such as Facebook should promote the positive social values and not hatred and racism. People who are the users of social media such as Facebook need to boycott the platform to show that they have the main voice and power and not corporations and their CEOs whose wealth are still dependent on the users or people.  

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